WOW!! We’ve landed in 2022

I cannot believe how fast 2021 flew by. I feel like we literally celebrated our entrance to 2021 just a few days ago.

While a lot of people are whining about 2021: Covid, Delta, Omicron, etc.. I actually had a great year!

While the year started off in a way that I don’t wish on even my worst enemy, I knew I had the power to allow that event to shape my entire year (even the rest of my life) or I could commit to turning my entire year around and making it a great year. The tragic event I experienced was thrown into my lap from left field and literally changed my family (and personal) dynamic forever. While the news caused irreparable damage, it won’t steal my joy – I chose to be happy and move forward instead of staying stuck in sorrow, confusion, and disappointment!

Despite the continued intermittent shut-downs I was able to take a couple of girlfriends, and one of my sons, to Las Vegas on a G-IV (private jet) for a quick trip. I really wanted my favorite Almond Croissant in the entire world from VaBene (inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel) They are not open during the week so I went without my croissant but one of my friends won some money – I wonder if it was more than my son lost?

We’ve all been sick and pulled through… half of the kids in August, the other half in September and then my youngest son in December… probably the omicron variant in December – which I think we all actually had but the rest of us just didn’t test. Our symptoms weren’t bad enough plus the testing lines were ridiculous and the end result is the same. If you are sick then keep your butt home away from the rest of the world so you don’t give them whatever you have. What good does it do to confirm that you have Covid? What bad does it do? Yep! It stresses you out with no benefit so just do what you should be doing any time you are sick… isolate yourself to protect others. This doesn’t have to be such a big deal!

I finally took a real vacation in August! I went where I have been wanting to go… Dubai! I did! I did! I relaxed, I worked, I rode camels, and so much more but the most memorable event was zip-lining over the Dubai marina. This is a must experience if you visit Dubai. I’m not the dare-devil in the family but it was the most amazing experience ever… to just fly so freely – indescribable!

Later in the year I learned that I am having another grandchild… and then there was two! Yep! Twins!! WOW!! That was a huge surprise. I’ve been saying I wanted a girl but never did I dream the girls would come two at a time. Yep! we are having two girls. Their due date is April 28 but my guess is late March or early April we will welcome them.

I finished the year off with a second, smaller, vacation to Cabo. We purchased the vacation through Costco and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, I learned that I am definitely the kind of person who needs my own room. I sleep in complete silence and dark (no TV, phones are silenced, etc…) and I usually wake up between 5 and 5:30 in the morning to get some work done, read, and journal. I felt like I couldn’t do my morning routine that is so important to me so I felt off balance. In Dubai, we had a two bedroom suite and it was perfect, as I had my space but yet I was still with my girlfriends. Lesson learned for me… I need my personal space at all times. I work hard to be able to have it so I cannot compromise that in the future.

Last, but not least, I made some awesome investments in 2021 that I expect to be rewarding for many years – more on that later!

Let’s see how we can top 2021 – hhmmmm! My brain is buzzing with ideas that I look forward to sharing.