Rena Davenport

Rena Davenport

Rena Davenport is the founder and CEO of Exquisite Air Charter; a private jet charter brokerage firm that sources the most airworthy aircraft, crewed my the most qualified crew members, for their highly-valued clientele. She is incredibly passionate about her work without compromising her dedication to her family.

Ms. Davenport earned her Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration with a minor in Technical Management and her Master of Business Administration in Aviation with concentration in Marketing from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Additionally, she is a licensed and bonded notary public in the State of California.

Rena Davenport in her personal life

Ms. Davenport has two amazing adult sons who blessed her with two darling daughter-in-laws and the four loves of her life; her grandchildren: Dominik, Kaiden, and identical twin granddaughters Everly and Emberly. She also has three dogs and a kitty that she has rescued over the years. Ms. Davenport is very active in her local animal rescue community.

Additionally, Ms. Davenport is passionate about education, natural medicine, spiritual growth, and financial strategies aimed at establishing and maintaining generational wealth.