Refractive Lens Exchange Eye Surgery

Why I decided to do Refractive Lens Exchange Eye Surgery

Why did I decided to do Refractive Lens Exchange Eye Surgery? I couldn’t freaking see anything up close and it was getting worse and worse. Someone I know had Lasik eye surgery and I saw him the night of the surgery and you couldn’t even tell he had anything done. He was totally fine. I kept saying I was going to consult with his eye surgeon but I procrastinated. THEN… twice in three days my vision (lack there of) really upset me.

The first incident was me being at a function and deciding to order stuff to make s’mores for the kiddos gathered by the bonfire in the family’s backyard. I ordered Hershey’s bars with almonds because I couldn’t see what I was ordering and, of course, trying to be cute at a function meant that there was no way in hell the reading glasses would be on me. LOL! Yes, I am vain! Luckily for me, the Instacart shopper was kind enough to message me when she realized that everything she was shopping for was s’mores related but the almond chocolate bars didn’t make sense to her. Only one problem… I couldn’t see the message she sent so I had to ask for help from my son who thought it was hilarious and then more people overheard that I couldn’t see and my daughter-in-law went to my car and got my glasses. Ugh!

The second incident was when me and a close girlfriend went to dinner at a high-end sushi restaurant we had been wanting to try in DTLA (downtown LA). We arrived a little before our reservation so we went to the bar for cocktails. When the bartender handed us the drink menu we both glanced at the drink menu and then looked at each other and started laughing. Both of our old asses had no clue what the hell that dumb menu said. Keep in mind, you don’t exactly go out carrying a big tote full of practical items… I had a cute clutch and nope! glasses don’t fit in there! What did we do? We started taking photos of the menu with our phone and zooming in like we both had done so many times before. Ugh! Hated it! Embarrassing.

Consult for Eye Surgery – Dr. Berg

The next morning I made an appointment with Dr. Berg. Sadly, I was not a great candidate for Lasik because I’m old; LOL! Basically, as we get older our up-close vision often deteriorates. Doing Lasik might correct our vision for a period of time but as long as we continue to age then it is likely our vision will continue to deteriorate so Lasik would have only been a temporary resolution. The better solution to vision changes associated with age is refractive lens exchange. This is basically the same surgery done for cataracts; our natural lens is removed and replaced with a synthetic lens. Dr. Berg does one eye at a time, two weeks apart; we did my right eye first.

Recovery from Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

It has been five days since my surgery and I am doing fantabulous. When I cover my left eye (haven’t done surgery on my left eye yet), I can read small print from my right eye just fine. At first it was blurry but as it heals my vision gets clearer and clearer. Full healing can take up to 2 weeks or so. I see Dr. Berg again in 2 days for a follow up and look forward to taking my eye test for the first time in many years. I am even more excited to have the surgery on my left eye in another 9 days. I cannot wait!

Los Angeles Vision Correct Surgery – Dr. Berg is the best!

For anyone in the Los Angeles area thinking about doing this surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Berg. Not only is the doctor great but the anesthesiologist was amazing and literally everyone at the surgery center was too. I have been to my fair share of surgery centers over the years (for myself and others) and this is, hands-down, the best surgery center I have ever experienced. Not only was everyone extremely attentive and nice but they were so personable. Not one person was dry or cold; very warm and caring! I think environment is very important when you are undergoing something stressful like surgery. I could not have asked for better from the initial consult to today… I highly recommend Dr. Berg and his team.