Mid-Term Elections in California

Today: Vote on Mid-Term Elections in California

So much emphasis is put on party affiliations in mid-term elections in California and around the United States. I have a much different belief/approach. My belief is that we should all vote according to our beliefs. While I am registered as a Democrat, I registered that way when I was 18 years old. As I have matured and gained more experience in life, I have realized that I tend to align more frequently with Republican policies. If I am honest, I vote more Republican than Democratic but, ultimately, I vote according to my beliefs regardless of political parties, endorsements, etc… If a candidate or ballot measure/proposition makes sense for me to support (or not support) then I vote accordingly; without consideration of political party endorsements or affiliations – that is what I believe all voters should do… stand up for what you believe at all times!

Do Your Own Research

I think the biggest failure in voting is failing to do your own research! Far too often I hear people tell me they got their information from:

  • television ads
  • friends and/or family (often tainted by their own beliefs/interpretations)
  • social media (often inaccurate at best)
  • celebrities
  • politicians and/or political parties that I like/voted for

Duty to Educate Yourself – Or DO NOT Vote

As much as I want people to vote for what they believe in… If you are not going to properly educate yourself then DO NOT VOTE. No! This doesn’t mean get your information as referenced above. This means you have a duty to properly educate yourself by researching all candidates and both sides of ballot measures/propositions before voting. If you do not have adequate information then DO NOT vote on the candidates/measures/propositions that you are not educated about. This mid-term election I did not vote on any judges because I hadn’t properly educated myself on them; I left those little bubbles blank!

Two big examples of poor voting in Los Angeles/California were Prop 57 (2016) and George Gascon

Prop 57: Allowed early release from prison for non-violent crimes. The problem is that far too many voters did not educate themselves as to what qualifies as a non-violent crime. Non-violent crimes include murder or voluntary manslaughter, mayhem, rape (as defined in Penal Code 261 or 262), sodomy, oral copulation, lewd or lascivious acts, any felony punishable by death or life imprisonment, any felony wherein defendant inflicts great bodily injury upon anyone other than an accomplice, robbery, arson, sexual penetration, attempted murder, a violation of Penal Code 18745/18750/18755 (related to bombs), kidnapping, assault with intent to commit a felony, continuous sexual abuse of a child, carjacking, rape/spousal rape/sexual penetration in concert, extortion, threats to victims/witnesses, first-degree burglary, any violation of Penal Code 12022.53 (use of firearm during commission of felony), or violation of Penal Code 11418 b or c (weapons of mass destruction). How many people do you think familiarized themselves with what EXACTLY they were voting into law before casting their vote? Do you think they would have voted for early release for people who committed continuous sexual abuse of a child (among other crimes on this list)? I don’t think so – this is why I know, for sure, that people are failing to educate themselves regarding what they are voting for. I’m tired of celebrities convincing people to “JUST VOTE” when they have a moral responsibility to tell people to PLEASE VOTE ONLY AFTER YOU EDUCATE YOURSELF ON WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE VOTING ON!

George Gascon: Far too many voters listened to George Gascon tell us all about how his plans for criminal justice reform but never bothered to dig a little deeper to educate themselves regarding what that criminal justice reform he planned on reforming and how it would affect us voters. Many democrats voted for him because he was a democrat; without proper consideration for his individual policies and beliefs. What has George Gascon given us? A nightmare (in my opinion)! Residents are feeling unsafe and victims are victims and their families not getting any justice. Prior conviction charges for some of the worst of the worst are being refused by Gascon. Many crimes are not prosecuted at all; hence, the store robberies and drug crime problems that are out of control (two of the many crimes he refuses to prosecute). AND SO MUCH MORE! Learn more on the Recall George Gascon website and your heart will break!

Bottom Line: Mid-Term Elections in California

It’s very simple… while voting is very important, DO NOT VOTE if you have failed to educate yourself and educating yourself doesn’t mean listening to others who may or may not have properly educated themselves either. The blind leading the blind is not the proper way to run California nor the United States. Also, don’t accept another person’s opinion of who you should vote for, as their advice is likely to be jaded by their beliefs and/or how something benefits them.